After spending close to 30 years in a successful dentistry practice I felt it was time to change gears, get outside,
and enjoy my surroundings. Being a lover of the outdoors,
and with the encouragement of friends in the arborculture industry, I decided to become an arborist.

Treeworx Treecare was started in the fall of 2014 during one of the worst snowstorms to hit Southern Alberta in history, affecting many of the province’s trees. The damage was so severe that trauma units in Calgary were overwhelmed with chainsaw injuries from homeowners trying to deal with hazardous trees on their own.

There are numerous hazards and diseases that, if left unchecked, can lead to tree failure and possible injury
to someone or something on your property. Many jobs that appear to be simple can have hidden dangers themselves and without the proper training can lead to injury or
even death.

With an education in Arborculture I became acutely aware
of the many signs that our trees display that indicate problems we need to address. With this knowledge, Treeworx Treecare helped Southern Alberta clean up and get back on its feet. We did so in a safe and responsible way by making sure all hazard trees were cleared – not just those on the ground.

Our team of professionals pride themselves on customer satisfaction. With properties of their own they understand and respect the needs of clients to protect their assets.
In fact, Treeworx Treecare strives to leave each job site in better condition than how it was found.

Our testimonials speak for themselves.


“Jeff and his crew were amazing to watch as they
removed trees that threatened our home and acreage.
Their knowledge and professionalism gave us a sense of comfort and safety. And they left the yard cleaner than when they had started. We’ll definitely have them back to keep our yard “tree safe”. Plus I’d rather have a dentist remove trees from me than my teeth.”
- Mark Kamachi

Treeworx Treecare is licensed, insured, and are members of the International Association of Arboriculture (ISA)



We consider the home to be a safe haven where family and friends come together to create lasting memories in a fun and safe environment. Our mission is to keep your landscape aesthetically pleasing and in optimum health.

Our services include:

Tree Felling
Removal of unwanted trees from industrial and
residential areas.

Hazard Tree Removal
Clean-up and disposal of trees or tree fragments threatening the safety of property or life.

Brush Removal/Chopping
We have state of the art machinery to turn your discarded brush into mulch. This can be removed from site or added
to you garden to suppress weed growth and add
nutritional value.

The objectives of pruning trees in the urban landscape are to improve aesthetics, function and safety. Care must be taken to modify pruning practices for the differences between young and mature trees.

Lot Clearing
Extraction, clearing, and removal of unwanted and hazardous trees and shrubbery.

Firesmart Implementation
Strategic management of vegetation on your landscape to reduce the risk of wildfire. This can include:
- Thinning and pruning
- Removing volatile trees and introducing fire resistant trees
- Construction of fuel breaks
- General cleanup in and around your property
(for more information visit firesmartcanada.ca)

Storm Damage Cleanup
Initial assessment of damages and recommendations for property reclamation.

Removal and proper disposal of hazardous trees and tree fragments post-storm.

Stump Grinding
Removal of stumps, eliminate hazards from tripping, mowing and yard maintenance. It also provides the ability to replant in the area where a tree is removed.

We are happy to serve areas inclusive of Calgary,
Bragg Creek, Redwood Meadows, Cochrane, Priddis, Millarville, and other surrounding areas. Please contact us if your area is not listed to discuss possible coverage.



Hours of operation
Monday to Friday 8-5
24 hr emergency service



Box 886,
Bragg Creek, AB
T0L 0K0

  • Dead Wood

    Dead wood is identified as dry, brittle, broken, or hanging branches. It is highly susceptible to fracture... View Image

  • Pests

    Pests come in many shapes and sizes. Woodpeckers can be an indication that a tree is infected with... View Image

  • Weak Branch Attachments
    & Cracks

    Branches lacking a branch bark ridge are susceptible to fracture. Cracks especially... View Image

  • Pests

    Squirrels are a sign that other pests such as insects and woodpeckers are present; as they use hollows in trees... View Image

  • Pruning

    The objectives of pruning trees in the urban landscape are to improve aesthetics, function and safety. Care must be taken... View Image

  • Canker

    A Canker is an area of dead, sunken, or missing bark including diseases and mechanical wounds. View Image

  • Conks

    Conks are tree fungi that produce shelf or bracket-shaped growths that lie in close groupings... View Image

  • Root Decay

    Root decay is seen in loose and dead bark, conks, and soil mounds on and around the tree. View Image

  • Fungal Fruiting Bodies

    Fungal Fruiting Bodies are most commonly known as mushrooms, lichen, mosses, and other base-of-tree... View Image

  • Borers

    Borers are insects that eat the wood that transports nutrients up the tree. Infestation by borers is apparent... View Image

  • Gallery

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